Ai Ai

Ai Ai

Changes 6thMay 2019
New Games
Abrana (Combinatorial 2018 game – better late than never!)

Other stuff
Bugfixes for Hypergrid (several, pointed out by designer), added link to full rules.
Bugfix for Stack 22 (refused to play at highest level possible occasionally)
Bugfix for PlusMinus (could overwrite your opponent’s pieces). Thanks to Abyss for both spotting the bug and fixing it.
UI Bugfixes for Jotunheim by the designer.
Santorini – additional (Poseidon2) power
Imphexion bugfix
Hermetica – added link to online rules.
Behind the scenes, failed to improve the AI strength 🙂

Installation Instructions

(1) Install Java 8 or the Java 8 SDK or any later version of java
(2) Download this file
(3) Unzip with folders intact
(4) Run AiAi.jar
Tested on Windows, OSX and Linux.
Note: Mac owners are advised to install the Java 8 SDK. The standard Java install doesn’t add Java to your path ??
Note 2: Ai Ai is built against java 8 for compatibility, but will run with any later version.
Note 3: If you see certificate errors when using the online application, you need to upgrade your java installation.

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