Ai Ai

Ai Ai

Installation Instructions

(1) Install Java 8 or the Java 8 SDK
(2) Download this file
(3) Unzip with folders intact
(4) Run AiAi.jar
Tested on Windows, OSX and Linux.
Note 1: there are some rendering problems on java 9 on high DPI screens, so I recommend using Java 8 for the time being if you have the choice.
Note 2: Mac owners are advised to install the Java 8 SDK. The standard Java install doesn’t add Java to your path 🙁

Changes 20th October 2018


  • Slither by Corey Clark
  • Sea Battle Tafl
  • Gaming proverbs


  • Eigenstate now allows free placement of pegs (official rules change)
  • Emergo tweaks (added repetition rule, better heuristics, alternative boards)
  • Murus Gallicus 7×7 and 8×8 game options
  • Go family; NoGo bugfix, parameterised number of captures in Atari Go, cleaned up file names

Other changes

More game analysis tools (mostly for Emergo draws!)