Ai Ai

Ai Ai

21st January 2020

New Games
SQU and Fuse by Néstor Romeral Andrés

15th January 2020

New Games

Other stuff
Santorini bugfixes (Clio vs Scylla), night Nyx, proteus
Added branching stats report
Updated/fixed/added opening library generation (work in progress)
Changes under the hood in the Search/AI interfaces (working towards allowing external search engines)
Added game temperature report
Reorganised dev menus
Added facility to view internal game state in dev mode using reflection
ImpHeXion bugfix (more of a rewrite)
Moved history out of game classes – small performance boost across all games.
Dameo bugfix

Installation Instructions

(1) Install Java 8 or the Java 8 SDK or any later version of java
(2) Download this file
(3) Unzip with folders intact
(4) Run AiAi.jar
Tested on Windows, OSX and Linux.
Note: Mac owners are advised to install the Java 8 SDK. The standard Java install doesn’t add Java to your path ??
Note 2: Ai Ai is built against java 8 for compatibility, but will run with any later version.
Note 3: If you see certificate errors when using the online application, you need to upgrade your java installation

Ai Ai