Ai Ai

Ai Ai

Changes 28th March 2019
New Games
Hypergrid (Combinatorial 2018 game – better late than never!)

Other stuff
Bugfix for Tank Chess (table in rules was incorrect)

Changes 26th March 2019
Bugfix for Tank Chess (armour was too weak)
MBrane – make subgrids clearer
Don’t persist ‘should resign’ flag introduced fro Looper in global settings
Improve ‘old java’ error message in online application.

Changes 25th March 2019
New Games
Tank Chess (Combinatorial 2018 game)

Other stuff
Another stability tweak to the online application
Fix Naja status text in multiplayer games
Looper – add blue/red lines to indicate wraparound (thanks, Michael)
Search cleanup (small performance boost to games that need heuristics)
Boom and Zoom typo fi (thanks, Michael)
Jotunheim update

Installation Instructions

(1) Install Java 8 or the Java 8 SDK or any later version of java
(2) Download this file
(3) Unzip with folders intact
(4) Run AiAi.jar
Tested on Windows, OSX and Linux.
Note: Mac owners are advised to install the Java 8 SDK. The standard Java install doesn’t add Java to your path ??
Note 2: Ai Ai is built against java 8 for compatibility, but will run with any later version.
Note 3: If you see certificate errors when using the online application, you need to upgrade your java installation.