Ai Ai

Ai Ai



Fixed a bug in the Chu Shogi Lion exchange code.

New Games

Primarily, this release was to fix the Chu Shogi bug; but Eric managed to slip some more chess variants in!

Goro Goro Shogi, Goro Goro Shogi Plus, Wa Shogi, Alekhine Chess, Northern Ecumenical Chess, Wildebeest Decimal Chess, Elven Chess

New Games 8/4/2021

This is a chess family release. Dr. Eric Silverman has created .mgl files and images for a lot of chess games; including Shogi, traditional, and new variants – and I’ve been adding capabilities to Ai Ai to support them. Ai Ai, as a general game playing engine, doesn’t play a very strong game of chess; but it will give you a flavour for the various games – and allow you to play them online. The following games have been added, a few more have doubtless slipped through the cracks:

Opulent Chess, Unicorn Great Chess, Berolina Pawn Chess, Courier Chess (and variants), Chess with Mixed Pieces, CrabTranj, Indian Great Chess, Marsellais Chess, Progressive Chess, Chessgi, Crazyhouse, Eurasian Chess, Extinction Chess, Modern Manners, Shako, Simplified Chess, Viking Chess

XiangQi, Yangsi

Shatranj (and variants)

Shogi, Dai Shogi, Chu Shogi, Sho Shogi, Tori Shogi, Judkins Shogi, Minishogi



This version of Ai Ai has been built with Java 11, and will run in Java 11 or any later version (the latest is 15 at time of writing).

Installation Instructions

If you already have java 11 or later installed, just perform these steps:

(1) Download this .zip file
(2) Unzip with folders intact
(3) Double-click on ai ai.jar


Common problems:

  • Did you unzip the files first? Ai Ai will not run from inside a .zip file.
  • If you are a mac or linux user, you may have to mark ai ai.jar as executable.
  • On some systems, Ai Ai cannot find the folder it is running from. If you’re on linux or Mac O/S try runnning from (you’ll need to mark it as executable), on windows try running from win_low_mem.bat
  • Do you have the right version of Java?
  • Do you have an earlier version of Java installed as well? Uninstalling the earlier version has helped some windows users.

Installing Java

Not sure what version of Java you have installed? Open a command/terminal window and type:

java -version

If you see version 11 or later, you’re good to go. If not, follow the steps below to install a newer version of Java.

All Operating Systems

This is a manual install of the latest Java build (currently 15).
(1) Go to AdoptOpenJDK
(2) Download the Java installer for your operating system from the list. I recommend the JDK rather than the JRE.
(3) Once the file has downloaded, run it to install Java.