ai ai

ai ai

Installation Instructions

(1) Install Java 8 or later
(2) Download this file
(3) Unzip with folders intact
(4) Run AiAi.jar
Tested on windows, OSX and Linux.

Release notes


Bugfix version:
– now runs under java 9 (java 8 32 bit recommended for now)
– green/greener/greenest play order bugfix


Santorini – more powers, stronger AI, better interface
Gess – stronger AI, better interface
Updated Squer with latest rules
Added Pie rule for Cation
Fixed bug in Dots and Boxes

Added Magnetic Go (work in progress)
Added Xoliba
Added Green, Greener, Greenest

AlphaBeta search generally stronger
Added AlphaBeta support for games with random elements.

probably some other stuff that I’ve forgotten 🙂