Game Designs

Amongst my other vices, I dabble in board game design. A few of my designs are currently available from Nestorgames, others are listed on BGG (designer page here, and still others are buried deep in Ai Ai. Order is, roughly speaking, best first. For some definition of best.

Game Publisher BGG Report Online Play
Four nestorgames BGG Ai Ai report Ai Ai
Tabletop Simulator
Knight Line nestorgames BGG Ai Ai report Ai Ai
Web of Flies nestorgames BGG Flies report
Rocks report
Ai Ai
Mutton nestorgames BGG
Android (play store)
Sleepers nestorgames BGG    
Crosshairs Out of print BGG Ai Ai report Ai Ai
Tabletop Simulator
Genius Loci Out of print BGG   Ai Ai
Rebel Moon Defense nestorgames BGG    
Chroma   BGG   pbmserv
Curio   BGG   pbmserv
Cheaoss   BGG   Ai Ai
Itsy     Ai Ai report Ai Ai
Low vs High     Ai Ai report Ai Ai
Tavener’s Time Travel Tic Tac Toe       Ai Ai
Actiles   BGG    
Sphex nestorgames BGG    
Spoing nestorgames BGG    
Snowpaque       Ai Ai
Quantum Chess   Encyclopedia of Chess Variants   Zillions of Games
Chess Variants
Hexi (Octi variant)       Zillions of Games
Intercardinal   BGG   Ai Ai
Intercardinal X   BGG   Ai Ai
Intercardinal Yavalath   BGG   Ai Ai
Unfair   BGG   Ai Ai
Accretion       Ai Ai
Arrows       Ai Ai
Arrows 2       Ai Ai
Chains       Ai Ai
Knight Light       Ai Ai
Magnetic Go (variant)       Ai Ai
Merx       Ai Ai
Rapid Cooling       Ai Ai
Triangline 4       Ai Ai
XMas Lights       Ai Ai
Wizball       Ai Ai

Most of the following are free P&P family games, with files available for download from the BGG page. Enjoy!

Game BGG Comments
Swish BGG A continuous space strategy game for 2-4 players; fish parts designed by Cameron Browne.
Time Gradient BGG Simple card game with strategic bluffing and a strong time travel theme. There was almost a commercial version!
The Easter Bunny Game BGG Family pick-up and deliver game that I designed for the kids. The deliverables are Cadbury’s Mini-Eggs. Board looks a bit weird on the BGG file section, but is fine when downloaded.
Elf Defense BGG Tower defense Christmas themed game, which accommodates any number of players via a circle of death mechanism.
Turtle Thumb Tussle BGG Manual dexterity game in the strictest sense; think twister for fingers!
Story Dice BGG There’s a very similar commercial game. I got there first 😛
Cosmic Convention BGG Rosie and I designed this metagame for our wedding (we had a games convention instead of a reception), it served as an excellent ice-breaker.

The following are either unfinished experiments, mediocre, or just plain bad. One or two may damage your sanity. Play at your own risk!

Game BGG Comments
Arenario BGG Created for a competition, it’s a rummy variant with a theme of gladiatorial combat.
Box of Spiders BGG This game eventually turned into Web of Flies, which is much better.
Colour Race BGG Another competition entry. Interesting mechanism, but too hard to visualise the momement.
Construction Whist BGG I don’t even remember designing this one.
Cuboid BGG Designed for nestortiles.
Die!nosaurs BGG Competition game (dice based).
Leave Nothing Behind BGG Competition game (card based).
Mithril Miners BGG Competition game. This is actually a mean and nasty game masquerading as a co-op!
Pangolin Pandemonium BGG Competition game (card game). Card game involving pangolins rolling up and down hills. There may be an interesting eurogame in there somewhere!
Zombie Death Suns Ate My Planet BGG Competition game (dice). Pretty, but not a good game.