Full Report for Crosshairs by Stephen Tavener

Full Report for Crosshairs by Stephen Tavener

A combinatorial aerial dogfight


The first turns

Players take turns to move their planes onto the board. Once on, they can't move off again.

First turn, player 1 moves one plane, then player 2 moves two, etc. until all planes are moving each turn.


Each turn, move all your planes.

Each plane can:

A plane can combine any number of Dive and Swoop amnoeuvres, as long as it has the height to do so. Climb and level flight cannot be combined with other movement.

After each move step, a plane rotates, and then shoots.

If you cannot move a plane during your turn, it stalls and crashes.


If two of your planes simultaneously target an opposing plane, that plane is destroyed.


When a player is reduced to one plane, they lose immediately.


General comments:

Play: Combinatorial,Themed,Wargame

Family: Combinatorial 2012

Mechanism(s): Capture

Components: Board

BGG Stats

BGG EntryCrosshairs
BGG Rating7.404
BGG Weight2.5

BGG Ratings and Comments

getareaction8Bought in European auction July 2014, with expansion for extra players. Manages to be sufficiently evocative of dogfighting (with planes, not with dogs) that you can forget you're playing a combinatorial abstract strategy game. The learning curve is good, it plays quickly, and (thanks in part to the clouds) it has excellent replayability. I think this works better as a two player game (rather than three or four). Send game results to Egoitz.
metalchorus7I've got a copy of an early version from the designer (I came up with the name Crosshairs). Thoroughly enjoy the game. I can only see it getting better as the playtesting and design continues.
MilarkyN/Anever bought a nestor yet but i'm intrigued by alot of them! they look like game you can play at lunch at work ..
franchi9I was looking for a simple aerial combat game, found Wings of War too fiddly, and then saw this: how can such a simple idea work so well? The playing modes for 3-4 players are a welcome bonus!
mrraow10Disclaimer: I designed this game. I like it, I hope you will too. Fast and fun, and deadly. The theme feels strong, no two games play out the same, and the whole game ramps up to a series of fast and bloody encounters in the centre of the board. Now published in a beautiful 3D edition by Nestorgames.
Hollyhock7Homemade copy.
jond7Nice easy 'themed abstract'. lays fast with plenty to think about.
1974vertigo2009N/APnP - 403
darkestoceansN/A:) The following are interesting: 1. The board game Exago 2. http://www.amazon.com/ITEM-Airplane-Antique-silver-T-503AS/dp/B00BT0Z33O/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1399348857&sr=8-1&keywords=airplane+push+pins 3. http://www.bluepantherllc.com/BP3_StockComponents.htm
521tiger8Owned - played several rounds with my son-in-law. Very exciting ...
dolzandavid6An abstract with the theme of aerial combat, very thinky, very tense and whole lot of fun. GIPF goes World War I, highly recommended.
Woelf8.5Very cool little abstract strategy game. Finally got around to playing it a second time and raised my rating to 8.5. Built my set from Survive! (board) and Duel in the Dark plus the Early Nights expansion (Planes, Clouds, and defense markers as Altitude Chips).
zefquaavius8I really like the mechanisms, and how they reenact a dogfight. Climb, climb, climb, all the while subtly trying to maneuver your opponent's planes into a potential crossfire… then SWOOP by, gunning them down, thanks to clever positioning of the other planes. The configurable clouds, and varied rules for more than two players provide plenty of scenarios to try out.
no_where_dense6Components looks nice but quite hard to put the rings on top of each other.
leyton8Disclaimer: I do know the designer. Can an abstract game have a theme? Several forums have debated this endlessly. Crosshairs is a case for the pro-theme lobby. Tactics emerge that reflect, from my knowledge of the subject, closely the tactics of fighter pilots in WWII and to an extent the second half of WWI (due to the size of the board and the starting positions of the planes dog fights might be hard to engineer). However, though the theme adds colour and points of reference Crosshairs is not a reconstruction or a simulation of aviation in WWI but an abstract strategy at its heart which through strong design has found a context in our historical past. Therefore, Crosshairs may be hard to define but it offers rewarding play for fans and foes of abstract games alike who can decide whether they wish to focus on the theme or the abstract sides of the same game. On my game, enamoured with the theme, I confidently set up what I considered to be a corridor of death but I did not fully appreciate the range of distance a plane can move coming down from a great height (altitude is all important in this game)which meant they flew through or over my corridor without getting touched wreaking havoc on my slightly surprised planes. This was the only aspect of the game that run untrue to reality - as I said I was enamoured with the theme and forgot its abstract roots. A planes removal from the game is not by a reduction of damage points to zero but being in the line of fire of two opponent planes (in their crosshairs) on their go. Remember this is abstract strategy and could be played equally well with discs or dragons. So this aspect of defeating your opponent is entirely consistent with the games ruleset / philosophy and makes play manageable and attractive rather than just being a very short and unrewarding exercise in moving damage points along an abacus. Crosshairs is a very interesting game which though the first choice is whether to split your planes or keep your planes grouped together the role of altitude and cloud cover encourages real thought to your next move and makes the ending far from inevitable. Stephen has created a very good military aviation game which in my collection and my group of friends - it is unlikely we will ever find the time or opportunity to play a heavyweight military avaiation game - is only second to Wings of War. However, the abstract nature of the game creates its own niche which I feel will be hard to challenge in the future.
Flogiston8Very thematic abstract. Fast playing and quite enjoyable. I liked it enough I made a Tabletop Simulator module for it.
TheCrippledWerewolfN/Aooh! planes is pretty!
Yuki Shimizu6
sweetsweetdoughnuts5.8Crosshairs is a clever game where there is clearly a lot of space for clever tactical play, though it all felt just a little too dry for me. The extra movement afforded by height is a clever system, but using that movement mostly just makes you vulnerable to others (increasingly so in a 3-4 player game). The altitude rings are also incredibly easy to knock over; the whole game felt as though it could do with being 50% larger. It's a very clever design, but just not one that I had a lot of fun playing.
FarawayPicturesN/AGiven this as a gift from the creator. What an honour!

Levels of Play

AIWins vs prev levelDrawsLosses#GamesWin%
R?? + ocqBKs (t=v0.01s)360036100.00

Level of Play: strong beats weak 60% of the time (lower bound with 90% confidence).

Kolomogorov Complexity Estimate

Size (bytes)36303
Reference Size10328

Ai Ai calculates the size of the implementation, and compares it to the Ai Ai implementation of the simplest possible game (which just fills the board). Note that this estimate may include some graphics and heuristics code as well as the game logic. See the wikipedia entry for more details.

Playout Complexity Estimate

Playouts per second8402.08 (119.02µs/playout)
Reference Size1260239.45 (0.79µs/playout)
Ratio (low is good)149.99

Tavener complexity: the heat generated by playing every possible instance of a game with a perfectly efficient programme. Since this is not possible to calculate, Ai Ai calculates the number of random playouts per second and compares it to the fastest non-trivial Ai Ai game (Connect 4). This ratio gives a practical indication of how complex the game is. Combine this with the computational state space, and you can get an idea of how strong the default (MCTS-based) AI will be.

Win % By Player (Bias)

1: Green win %49.16±1.89Includes draws = 50%
2: Red win %50.84±1.89Includes draws = 50%
Draw %0.00Percentage of games where all players draw.
Decisive %100.00Percentage of games with a single winner.
Samples2681Quantity of logged games played

Note: that win/loss statistics may vary depending on thinking time (horizon effect, etc.), bad heuristics, bugs, and other factors, so should be taken with a pinch of salt. (Given perfect play, any game of pure skill will always end in the same result.)

Note: Ai Ai differentiates between states where all players draw or win or lose; this is mostly to support cooperative games.

Mirroring Strategies

Rotation (Half turn) lost each game as expected.
Reflection (X axis) lost each game as expected.
Reflection (Y axis) lost each game as expected.
Copy last move lost each game as expected.

Mirroring strategies attempt to copy the previous move. On first move, they will attempt to play in the centre. If neither of these are possible, they will pick a random move. Each entry represents a different form of copying; direct copy, reflection in either the X or Y axis, half-turn rotation.


Game length89.20 
Branching factor22.32 
Complexity10^104.26Based on game length and branching factor
Samples2681Quantity of logged games played

Move Classification

Distinct actions4786Number of distinct moves (e.g. "e4") regardless of position in game tree
Killer moves15A 'killer' move is selected by the AI more than 50% of the time
Killers: Climb d10-d11/E,Climb j4-k3/SW,Climb g2-h1/E,Swoop b8-a9/NE,Swoop f1-f2/NW,Climb j6-j7/NW,Climb c5-b5/NW,Swoop g2-g1/W,Climb b6-a7/NE,Swoop b8-a8/SW,Swoop d4-c4/NW,Climb b8-a9/NE,Climb h2-i1/E,Climb f10-g10/SE,Climb b10-b11/E
Good moves1883A good move is selected by the AI more than the average
Bad moves2903A bad move is selected by the AI less than the average
Terrible moves760A terrible move is never selected by the AI
Terrible moves: Swoop f11-f10/SE,Level flight i8-g8/NW,Climb j4-k3/E,Level flight i2-k2/E,Climb g10-f10/NW,Swoop b10-b11/NW,Climb a8-a9/NW,Level flight h3-j3/E,Level flight a7-c7/SE,Swoop f11-f10/SW,Dive i8/E,Level flight i2-g2/SW,f1 crashed,Dive e11/NE,Level flight f9-d11/NW,Dive e11/NW,Level flight c6-a6/SW,Level flight f3-d5/W,Swoop k6-j6/NW,Dive i2/SW,Climb c5-c4/SW,Level flight b10-d10/E,Level flight c8-c10/NE,Climb f10-e11/NE,Dive b7/NW,Dive j4/SW,Swoop a6-b5/SW,Level flight c4-e2/SW,Level flight b5-b7/NW,Level flight c4-e2/SE,Climb j5-k4/SE,Level flight h9-f9/SW,Swoop k6-j6/SW,Level flight i3-i1/SW,Level flight i3-i1/SE,Climb d4-c4/SW,Climb f10-e11/NW,Climb h1-g1/SW,Climb b6-b5/SW,Level flight h4-h2/SE,Climb e3-d3/SW,Swoop b7-a7/W,Level flight k3-i3/W,Level flight c7-c5/SW,Swoop b6-a6/SW,Level flight h4-h2/SW,Climb i3-j3/SE,Swoop b6-a6/NW,Climb b6-a7/W,Swoop i2-i1/SE,Swoop i2-i1/SW,Level flight j1-j3/E,Swoop h3-h2/SE,Level flight i6-k4/SE,Level flight j1-h1/SW,Climb j3-k3/SE,Level flight i6-i8/NE,Climb g2-g1/SW,Swoop k2-k3/E,Climb g2-g1/SE,Level flight d5-b5/SW,e2 crashed,Level flight j7-h7/SW,Dive e2/SE,Dive c10/NE,Climb j5-k5/E,Climb f2-e2/SW,Swoop i7-j7/E,Level flight g9-i7/E,Dive j3/E,Level flight j7-h7/NW,Level flight e3-g1/SW,Swoop j7-i7/NW,Level flight e3-g1/SE,g1 crashed,Swoop c11-b11/NW,Dive h8/NW,Swoop g2-h1/SW,Climb d3-e2/SW,Swoop g2-h1/SE,Dive k6/E,Swoop j6-k5/SE,Level flight g10-e10/W,Swoop f11-e11/NW,Swoop b5-c4/SW,Dive k3/SE,Dive k3/SW,Swoop c4-d3/SW,Climb b10-a10/W,Dive a9/W,Swoop h8-i8/E,Dive g2/W,Level flight b9-d9/E,Climb e2-f1/SE,Level flight h2-j2/SE,Climb e2-f1/SW,Level flight h1-f3/W,Swoop b8-a9/W,Climb c4-d3/SW,Dive j1/SW,Level flight c11-a11/W,Level flight h7-h9/NE,Level flight a8-a10/NW,Level flight c6-a8/W,Dive j1/SE,Level flight a8-a10/NE,Level flight d10-f10/E,Dive i7/E,Level flight i1-i3/E,Swoop h2-h1/SW,Swoop h2-h1/SE,Level flight g7-g9/NE,Climb e10-e11/NW,Swoop e10-d11/NE,Climb e10-e11/NE,Swoop f1-g1/SE,Swoop e10-d11/NW,Level flight e4-c4/SW,Climb j4-k3/SE,Climb c10-c11/NE,Swoop j5-k4/E,Climb b8-b9/NW,Climb c10-c11/NW,Dive e3/W,Swoop k1-j1/SW,Climb a10-b10/E,Swoop j5-k4/SE,Level flight c7-a9/NW,Swoop d4-c4/W,Level flight a9-c9/E,Level flight h3-j3/SE,b10 crashed,Level flight i3-g3/SW,Climb g1-f1/W,Level flight g4-g2/SW,Dive g3/SW,Level flight c7-a9/W,Level flight i6-k4/E,Dive g3/SE,Level flight f9-h9/NE,Level flight b7-b5/SW,Dive g9/E,Climb a7-a8/NW,Level flight e8-e10/NE,Climb j2-k2/SE,Level flight b6-b8/NW,Swoop a8-a9/NW,Level flight j3-j1/SE,Swoop a7-a6/SW,Swoop g9-h9/E,Level flight j3-j1/SW,Swoop f2-e2/W,Dive f1/SE,Level flight h2-f2/SW,Dive i7/NE,Dive f1/SW,Climb b10-a10/NW,Swoop k1-j1/NW,Level flight a9-a7/SW,Level flight a8-a6/W,Level flight a10-c10/NE,Level flight a8-c8/NE,Level flight i7-k5/E,Swoop b8-a8/W,Swoop c5-c4/SW,Level flight i3-k3/E,Swoop h9-i8/E,Swoop k5-j5/SW,Level flight a6-a8/NW,Climb d4-d3/SW,Level flight b10-b8/W,Dive k5/E,Swoop f11-e11/W,Swoop j4-k4/SE,Level flight f3-d3/W,Climb b7-a8/W,Dive a8/W,Level flight d11-b11/NW,Level flight h9-f11/NW,Dive g1/W,Level flight c9-c11/NE,Level flight c9-c11/NW,Level flight h9-f11/NE,Dive g1/E,Level flight a6-c4/SE,Level flight f3-h1/SE,Level flight a6-c4/SW,Level flight d10-f10/NE,Level flight f3-h1/SW,Climb b11-c11/NE,Level flight c11-a11/NW,Swoop e10-f10/NE,Swoop f2-g1/SW,Swoop c10-b11/NE,Climb e3-f2/SE,Climb b10-a11/W,Climb k6-k5/SE,Level flight d8-b10/NE,Level flight g2-i2/SE,Climb c5-d4/SW,Swoop a11-b11/NE,Swoop j2-k2/E,Swoop j5-k5/E,Dive h2/SW,Swoop i2-j1/SW,Dive e2/W,Dive h2/SE,g2 crashed,Level flight g3-g1/SW,Level flight g3-g1/SE,Climb j4-k4/SE,Level flight c6-a8/NW,Level flight c6-a8/NE,Level flight j3-h3/SW,Swoop g10-f10/NW,Level flight d5-b5/W,Level flight f10-h8/E,Level flight e4-c4/W,Level flight b9-b11/NE,Level flight i6-k6/SE,Dive f11/NE,Level flight b9-b11/NW,Swoop k2-k1/SE,Dive a7/NW,Swoop k2-k1/SW,Level flight e9-g9/NE,Level flight h7-h9/E,Level flight h1-f1/SW,Dive c4/W,Dive j6/SE,Climb j6-j7/E,Level flight j5-j7/E,Level flight a7-a9/NW,Climb b9-b10/NW,Level flight h7-j7/NE,Climb j3-k2/SE,Level flight a7-a9/NE,Dive a7/SE,Climb b9-b10/NE,Swoop j1-i2/W,Swoop j2-k2/SE,Level flight g8-g10/NE,Level flight d5-d3/W,Dive b11/E,Dive j1/W,Swoop g1-f1/SW,Climb a6-b5/SW,Swoop f3-f2/SW,Level flight e4-e2/W,Level flight j7-h9/NE,Swoop f11-g10/E,Level flight k6-k4/SE,Level flight k6-k4/SW,Level flight h7-j7/E,Climb c11-b11/NW,Level flight a9-a11/NW,Level flight f4-f2/SW,Level flight a9-a11/NE,Dive k4/E,Swoop b8-a9/NW,Level flight e11-g9/E,Swoop k2-j2/SW,Level flight d10-b10/W,Level flight i4-k4/E,Level flight c8-a8/NW,Dive a7/W,Level flight i8-k6/SE,Level flight c9-a11/NW,Level flight c9-a11/NE,Level flight b6-d4/SW,Level flight h2-j2/E,Level flight b5-d5/E,Level flight k4-i4/W,Dive i1/SE,Dive i1/SW,Dive k5/NE,Climb g2-h1/SE,Swoop b10-a10/NW,Swoop f1-f2/NE,Climb g2-h1/SW,Level flight j7-j5/SE,Dive i1/NE,Swoop d3-e2/SW,Climb a10-a9/W,Climb a9-b9/E,Swoop c10-b10/NW,Climb i7-i8/NE,Climb j6-j7/NE,Climb k5-k4/SE,Swoop k3-k2/SW,Dive b11/SW,Swoop k3-k2/SE,Level flight k2-i2/W,Climb e2-d3/W,Level flight i4-i2/SE,Level flight e2-g2/SE,Level flight e5-c5/W,Swoop f10-f11/E,Level flight j5-j7/NE,Dive k5/SE,Climb d4-d3/W,Level flight d9-b11/NW,Climb j5-k5/SE,Swoop h8-h9/NE,Dive j3/SE,Swoop d9-d10/NE,Level flight j2-h2/SW,Climb g1-f1/SW,Level flight g9-e9/W,Climb b9-a9/NW,Swoop k6-j7/NE,Climb i2-i1/SW,Level flight f1-h1/E,Dive d10/NW,Climb i2-i1/SE,Dive d10/NE,h2 crashed,Swoop b7-a7/NW,Level flight i7-k5/SE,Level flight c7-a7/NW,Swoop g9-g10/E,Level flight d3-b5/NW,Swoop j3-k3/SE,Dive b11/NE,Level flight g10-e10/NW,Dive b11/NW,Swoop h9-g9/W,Climb f11-e11/NW,Climb i3-i2/SE,Level flight e10-c10/NW,Level flight c5-a7/W,Swoop a7-a8/NW,Swoop i1-h1/SW,Climb c5-b5/SW,Level flight d10-b10/NW,Swoop j7-k6/SE,Level flight c5-a7/NW,Dive k3/W,Level flight c10-a10/NW,Climb d4-e3/SW,Dive f3/SE,Dive f3/SW,Level flight b5-d3/SW,Level flight k5-i7/NE,Level flight b5-d3/SE,Climb k4-k3/SE,Dive a6/E,Level flight e9-c11/NW,Level flight e9-c11/NE,Swoop d3-c4/W,Swoop e11-f11/NE,Dive a10/W,Climb g9-h9/E,Climb j7-j6/SE,Level flight c4-a6/W,Swoop h1-i1/SE,Level flight e4-g2/SE,Dive a10/E,Climb f2-e2/W,Dive b9/W,Swoop c9-c10/NE,i1 crashed,Swoop f2-f1/SE,Dive h2/E,Level flight h1-j1/SE,Climb a9-a10/NW,Level flight d6-b8/W,Dive k2/SW,Level flight h3-j1/SE,Swoop e2-f2/SE,Swoop h8-i8/NE,Level flight h3-j1/SW,Swoop e3-d3/W,Climb k5-j5/NW,Climb f1-g1/SE,Level flight i6-i8/E,Climb b9-a10/W,Swoop f1-f2/E,Dive k2/SE,Level flight c10-a10/W,Level flight i3-k1/SE,Climb h9-i8/E,Climb b8-a8/W,Climb j7-k6/E,Level flight c9-a9/NW,Climb i8-j7/E,Dive a10/NE,Dive e9/NW,Swoop h2-i2/SE,Climb h1-i1/SE,Swoop a6-a7/NW,Climb h8-g9/NE,Swoop b7-b6/W,Climb b8-a8/NW,Level flight k5-k3/SE,Swoop a8-a7/W,Climb k6-j7/NE,Swoop b7-a8/NW,Level flight j6-h8/NW,Dive a10/NW,Climb k2-j2/SW,Climb h3-i2/SE,Level flight i5-k5/E,Dive h9/E,Level flight a7-c7/E,Swoop j3-k2/SE,g10 crashed,Climb c10-b10/NW,Swoop f10-f11/NW,Level flight k3-k5/E,Level flight b9-d9/NE,Swoop i8-h9/NE,Dive e11/W,Climb k3-k2/SE,Level flight g9-e11/NE,Climb b6-a7/NW,Swoop c11-d11/NE,Climb g9-g10/NE,Level flight g9-e11/NW,Dive g2/SW,Level flight j7-h7/W,Dive g2/SE,Level flight j1-h1/W,Level flight h5-j5/SE,Swoop a7-b7/SE,Level flight i5-k5/SE,Dive k1/E,Swoop i7-i8/E,Dive k2/E,Swoop h8-h9/E,Swoop b11-a11/NW,Level flight e6-c6/W,Level flight c8-a10/NW,Dive a9/NE,Swoop i7-i8/NE,Level flight j3-j5/NE,Climb k4-k5/E,Dive a9/NW,Dive a9/SW,Level flight d10-d8/W,Swoop e2-d3/W,Swoop i1-j1/SE,Level flight h6-h8/E,Swoop j4-j3/SE,Swoop j4-k4/E,Dive b8/W,Climb i2-j1/SE,Climb i2-j1/SW,Dive h1/E,Climb j6-i7/NE,Dive d4/SW,Swoop j3-k2/E,Climb i7-h8/NE,Climb k3-k4/E,Level flight b9-b7/W,Swoop b9-a9/NW,Swoop f1-e2/W,Level flight a6-a8/E,Dive f8/NE,Swoop k5-k6/NE,Swoop a9-a10/NW,Climb i8-h9/NE,Level flight k5-i5/W,Level flight k6-i8/NE,Level flight h9-j7/SE,Level flight j6-h6/W,Climb k5-k6/NE,Level flight k6-i8/NW,Climb i1-j1/SE,Swoop j2-k1/SE,Level flight f3-f1/SE,Swoop b9-a9/W,Dive j5/SE,Swoop g10-f11/NE,Climb k3-j3/SW,Dive h8/E,Swoop g10-f11/NW,Dive h1/SW,Swoop h9-g10/NE,Swoop k6-j6/W,Dive h1/SE,Climb a10-a11/NE,Climb a10-a11/NW,Dive b8/NW,Level flight e2-g2/E,Swoop j7-i8/NE,Dive a6/NW,Level flight e8-c10/NW,f10 crashed,Level flight k3-k5/NE,Level flight d3-b5/W,Level flight e8-c10/NE,Swoop f2-f1/W,Level flight c4-a6/NW,Swoop a7-a6/W,Level flight k4-k2/SW,Climb b5-a6/NW,Level flight k4-k2/SE,Swoop i5-j5/E,Climb h9-g10/NE,Climb b6-b5/W,Climb e3-e2/W,Dive a6/SW,Level flight i4-k4/SE,Climb b8-a9/W,Level flight b7-b9/NW,Dive d10/W,Level flight f4-d4/W,Level flight d9-d11/NE,Climb k2-k1/SW,Climb k2-k1/SE,Swoop b8-a8/NW,Climb h2-i1/SW,Dive h9/NE,Level flight b10-d10/NE,Climb h2-i1/SE,Swoop j6-j7/E,Level flight f1-h1/SE,Level flight j4-h4/SW,Level flight c7-c9/NE,j2 crashed,Swoop j1-k1/SE,Climb c4-d4/SE,Swoop b9-a10/W,Climb h8-i8/NE,Swoop b9-a10/NW,Climb e9-e10/NE,Swoop b5-c5/SE,Level flight j6-j4/SE,Dive e3/SW,Swoop e3-e2/SW,Dive e3/SE,Swoop a10-b10/NE,Level flight a8-c8/E,Dive j2/SW,Climb e2-f2/SE,Dive k4/SE,Level flight e10-g10/NE,Swoop i7-j7/NE,Level flight k5-i5/SW,Swoop k4-k3/SE,Level flight c9-a11/W,Swoop b10-a11/NE,Swoop b5-c5/NE,Swoop c4-b5/W,Dive j6/E,Climb g8-g9/NE,Climb j7-k6/SE,Dive k4/NE,Dive j2/NE,Dive e10/NE,Swoop g9-h9/NE,Level flight c10-e10/NE,Level flight j4-j6/E,Dive c11/NE,Climb d10-d11/NW,Dive c11/NW,Dive h9/SE,Climb d10-d11/NE,Climb e11-f11/E,Swoop d10-c11/NW,Level flight k5-i5/NW,Swoop c5-b6/W,Swoop b6-a7/W,Swoop b10-a10/W,Climb c11-d11/NE,Swoop f10-e11/NE,Dive b5/NE,Swoop f10-e11/NW,Swoop g2-g1/SE,Swoop j3-j2/SE,Swoop g2-g1/SW,Dive b5/SW,Climb b10-b11/NE,Level flight g8-g10/E,Level flight j6-h6/SW,Climb a10-b10/NE,Level flight d5-d3/SW,Swoop g10-h9/E,Climb b10-b11/NW,Level flight h9-j7/E,Swoop d4-d3/SW,Swoop k1-k2/E,Dive d3/W,Level flight c4-e4/NE,Level flight i3-k3/SE,Swoop k4-k5/E,Level flight g8-e10/NW,Level flight h5-j3/SE,Dive d11/E,Level flight h4-j4/SE,Dive b10/NE,Dive b10/NW,Climb d10-c11/NE,Level flight c9-a9/W,Dive f2/SW,Level flight g2-e2/W,Climb h3-h2/SW,Swoop j5-j6/E,Level flight k1-k3/E,Dive i8/NE,Swoop d10-d11/NW,Climb j2-j1/SW,Swoop d10-d11/NE,Climb d10-c11/NW,Level flight j4-j2/SE,Level flight j4-j2/SW,Dive d11/NE,Swoop e3-d3/SW,Climb i4-j4/E,Climb b7-b6/W,Level flight k3-k1/SW,Level flight k3-k1/SE,Dive k1/SW,Swoop a9-a8/W,Level flight e10-g10/E,Swoop b5-a6/NW,Dive g10/SW,Climb j6-k5/SE,Dive g10/SE,Dive b6/W,Climb f10-g10/NE,Level flight g1-i1/SE,Swoop g9-g10/NE,Climb a6-a7/NW,Swoop i8-j7/E,Level flight f8-d10/NE,Level flight i5-k3/SE,Dive g10/NW,Level flight k4-k6/NE,Level flight k4-k6/E,Swoop d11-c11/NW,Climb j3-k2/E,Dive g10/NE,Dive i2/W,Dive i2/E,Level flight b8-d8/NE,Level flight k2-i2/SW,Climb h9-g9/NW,Climb h8-h9/NE,Level flight e8-g8/E,Swoop a10-a9/W,Climb i7-j7/E,Level flight g3-i1/SW,Level flight h1-f1/W,Level flight e2-c4/W,Level flight g3-i1/SE,Climb c5-b5/W,Level flight c5-e3/SE,Level flight f2-h2/SE,Level flight c5-e3/SW,Level flight c6-a6/W,Swoop j5-k5/SE,Swoop e11-d11/NW,Swoop g1-h1/SE,Level flight c8-a10/W,Level flight i8-g10/NW,Level flight g8-i8/E,Swoop k5-k4/SE,Climb b5-c4/SW,Level flight i8-g10/NE,Dive f1/W,Level flight c7-c5/W,Swoop e2-f1/SW,Swoop e2-f1/SE,Climb e3-e2/SW,Swoop a11-b10/SW,Dive g1/SW,Level flight g3-e3/W,Dive j7/NE,Swoop b6-a6/W,Swoop a11-b10/SE,Dive g1/SE,Level flight e9-e11/NW,Swoop c10-c11/NW,Level flight k2-k4/E,Level flight a11-c11/NE,Swoop k6-k5/SE,Level flight k3-i3/SW,Level flight e9-e11/NE,Swoop c10-c11/NE,Climb g10-f11/NW,Level flight d4-f2/SE,Level flight c7-a7/W,Dive g10/E,Swoop k3-k4/E,Swoop c5-b5/W,Swoop h2-i1/SE,Swoop a10-a11/NW,Level flight h3-h1/SE,Climb b8-a9/NW,Swoop h2-i1/SW,Climb g10-f11/NE,Swoop a10-a11/NE,Level flight a9-c9/NE,Swoop a9-b9/NE,Dive j7/SW,Climb d4-c4/W,Dive j7/SE,Level flight a8-a6/SW,Dive f10/NE,Climb b10-c10/NE,Level flight g8-i8/NE,Climb e10-d11/NE,Level flight i1-g1/SW,Swoop b7-a8/W,Dive h3/SW,Swoop b5-a6/W,Swoop j2-j1/SW,Swoop d4-c4/SW,Swoop e10-e11/NW,Dive a8/NW,Level flight f3-d3/SW,Swoop j2-j1/SE,Climb c10-b11/NE,Dive a8/NE,Climb c4-b5/W,Level flight i2-k2/SE,Climb a8-a7/W,Dive b5/W,Level flight i7-g9/NE,Climb g10-h9/E,Swoop h1-g1/SW,Level flight f2-d4/W,Level flight b7-b5/W,Climb b7-a8/NW,Level flight h6-h8/NE,Level flight b8-b10/NW,Level flight h8-f10/NW,Level flight e4-e2/SW,Level flight h8-f10/NE,Climb h2-h1/SE,Climb f10-g10/E,Dive i1/W,Level flight h3-f3/W,Dive i1/E,Level flight g10-i8/E,Climb j5-k4/E,Level flight d3-f1/SE,Level flight f9-f11/NE,Level flight i4-k2/SE,Climb j7-i8/NE,Level flight d3-f1/SW,Swoop k5-k6/E,Dive j4/E,Climb j6-k5/E,Level flight d6-b8/NW,Level flight d3-f3/E,Swoop i6-j5/SE,Swoop e3-f2/SW,Dive d3/SE,Level flight f10-d10/W,Dive d3/SW,Level flight a10-a8/W,Swoop j6-k6/SE,Dive g9/NE,Climb i5-j5/E,Climb a7-a6/W,Climb f2-g1/SW,Climb f2-g1/SE
Samples2681Quantity of logged games played

Change in Material Per Turn

This chart is based on a single playout, and gives a feel for the change in material over the course of a game.


This chart shows the best move value with respect to the active player; the orange line represents the value of doing nothing (null move).

The lead changed on 11% of the game turns. Ai Ai found 3 critical turns (turns with only one good option).

Overall, this playout was 44.74% hot.

Position Heatmap

This chart shows the relative temperature of all moves each turn. Colour range: black (worst), red, orange(even), yellow, white(best).


Table: branching factor per turn.

Action Types per Turn

This chart is based on a single playout, and gives a feel for the types of moves available over the course of a game.

Red: removal, Black: move, Blue: Add, Grey: pass, Purple: swap sides, Brown: other.

Unique Positions Reachable at Depth


Note: most games do not take board rotation and reflection into consideration.
Multi-part turns could be treated as the same or different depth depending on the implementation.
Counts to depth N include all moves reachable at lower depths.
Inaccuracies may also exist due to hash collisions, but Ai Ai uses 64-bit hashes so these will be a very small fraction of a percentage point.

Shortest Game(s)

No solutions found to depth 6.