Quorridor, by Gigamic

Quorridor is a maze game; 2-4 players (best with 2 or 4) attempt to be the first to get from one side of the board to any space on the opposite side, while placing walls on the board to hinder their opponents. There are 20 walls supplied with the game, and these are shared equally between the players.) On each turn, a player may move their pawn one space horizontally or vertically, OR place one wall on the board - walls sit in grooves between squares, and each wall is two squares in length. The only restrictions on placement of walls are that it must be possible for each player to get to their destination by some path, no matter how convoluted.

As a two player game, this is pure strategy, and can get very vicious as the walls build up, and the maze becomes more complex. With four players, unholy alliances tend to form - with collaboration from opposite players to pave routes across the board for themselves, causing long detours for the opponents playing at right-angles. As well as simple blocking strategies, trying to extend your opponents' routes as much as possible while keeping some walls in reserve for last-ditch attempts to stop opponents near the end of the game, the game allows for sneaky ploys like walling yourself off into a channel, and so limiting your opponents' opportunities for disrupting your route!

Quorridor is an excellent game, playing for about 30 minutes with 4 players, and is made to the usual Gigamic standards - varnished wooden pieces, walls, and board. The only thing it lacks is originality - Quorridor is unfortunately very similar to an old 2-player strategy game called Cul-De-Sac.