Welcome to the website of Stephen Tavener – wherein you will find various and diverse articles on games, AI, baking, and health.  Eventually.

This is also the home of AiAi – a java-based general game playing engine:

AiAi home page

If you want to know more about me, David Ploog interviewed me for Abstract Games Magazine.

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15 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. Looks to announce great possibilities. Congrats
    I would like to be able programming it (without Java).
    Have some personnal creations needing deep test!

  2. This is really wonderful!

    One thing I can’t figure out is how to review the moves of a completed game. Even though the “History” tab lists all the moves, there doesn’t seem to be any way to actually play them out on the board again other than writing them down and redoing it manually. Am I missing something obvious or is this just a missing feature?

    1. Look at the Game menu, “Review…” option.

      Also, undo/redo buttons will appear bottom right that will let you go backwards and forwards through the moves played.

  3. Hello, your game platform is really great, could you implement the game of Dou Shou Qi aka Jungle/Animal Chess into it?

    i can’t find any strong engines for this great game.

    Could you please use following rules if you implement it:
    – Rat can eat Elephant but not vice versa
    – Rat can eat Rat from water to land and vice versa
    and maybe as variant of it:
    – Rat can eat Elephant from water tiles

    Thank you very much for creating such a versatile boardgaming platform

  4. Dear Stephen!
    If you are a Player (that’s right – with a capital letter!), that is, You like unusual board games, then I ask You to write to me by e-mail: simon-igrunoff@yandex.ru. I want to briefly tell You about an interesting board logic game. You may like this game.

    Sincerely, Simon Igrunoff (Russia)

    1. I think your game is Logical Curling? (Already on the Ai Ai candidates list). The dice rolling means it’s not really what Ai Ai is strong at.

      1. Dear Stephen!
        Thank you for responding to my message!
        You are right about “Logical curling” and Ai Ai.
        Question: is it possible to communicate productively with you by e-mail (i.e. privately)?
        Sincerely, Simon Igrunoff

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