Welcome to my recipes page.  I’m not greatly inclined to cook savoury food, but I do have a sweet tooth; and have spent a not inconsiderable part of the last 20 years baking chocolate cakes and cookies.  Many of these are taken from a book called “Death By Chocolate” by Marcel DeSaulnieres, but some are recipes of my own creation, and these I shall share below.

Yin Yang Cookies / Cookie Play Dough

This recipe is the result of lots of experimentation. The two halves of the yin yang symbol are made of white and dark chocolate cookie dough respectively.  The doughs are non-sticky , and have roughly the consistency of play dough, so can be moulded into many shapes.  My kids have made pandas, spirals, and even Minecraft sword cookies from the mixtures 🙂

Click here to view the recipe

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