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On Friday 24th July 2020, my father John Tavener passed away. During his life, my father spent a lot of time researching and documenting the history of the Taveners (often spelled Taverners). Some of these Taverners were our ancestors, others just share our surname.

One of his wishes was that his research would be made available on the internet after his death. As of 15th September, I have scanned and uploaded all of his Taverner research that I have; his notes on the Faulcolnberge and Bromley branches of the family will follow soon.

The Taverners

Taverners volume 1 front cover

In dad’s own words:

“Publishing Volume 1 of the Taverners was a great experience. I had 250 copies printed, I distributed one to each county record office throughout England and sent a copy to each contributor. I also sent a copy to the Society of genealogists and other places worldwide where I thought it ought to go. ‘Family Tree’ published a nice review one month.”

The content of volume I is reproduced with annotations in “Volume I – Updated” below, but I do have a few printed copies available on request.

Volume I – Updated

Volume II contains chapters on the following:
– The Taverner connections with the Battle of Hastings
– The origins of the name
– The Coat of Arms
– British Taverners, County-By-County 1538-1700

Volume III: In 1273 Taverners owned nearly 20% of the land in Hull. This volume traces their fortunes from 1293 to 1540.

Volume IV: William Taverner 1700 to 1772 was a well known artist. I trace his ancestry, and have assembled photocopies of nearly 50 of his works. (ST: The copy I have didn’t include photocopies of 50 of his works. If I find them, I’ll add them. Meantimes you’ll find some of William’s paintings on the Tate Gallery website.)

Volume V: I was sent a whole wad of information written by an Irish Taverner in about 1930. This volume is his contribution, largely without comment or criticism.

Volume VI: John Taverner was amongst the second colony to be planted in America in 1587. This volume traces his probable ancestry and records the other Taverners who first travelled to America.

Volumes VII thru XIV: record on a year-by year basis of any snippet of information concerning the surname Taverner. From 1200, with one volume per 100 years.

Volume VII Pre-1300    
Volume VIII 1300-1324 1325-1349 1350-1399
Volume IX 1400-1449 1450-1499  
Volume X 1500-1549 1550-1599  
Volume XI 1600-1649 1650-1699  
Volume XII 1700-1799    
Volume XIII 1800-1899    
Volume XIV 1900-1999    

Volume XV: Taken from the Essex Feet of Fines records the land transactions concerning the Taverners in Essex.

Volume XVI: Begins an investigation of the ancestors of Chaucer, whose grandfather was Andrew le Taverner of Ipswitch.

Volume XVII: William Taverner’s (see vol. 4) father was a playwright, whose plays were enacted in Drury Lane. This volume gives his ancestry.

Volume XVIII: Volume I included a a section about Samuel Taverner of Kent. This volume is a novel by Joan Page (ST: my aunt, dad’s sister in law) about him and the Civil War.

Volume XIX: Describes the life and works of John Taverner, one of the most important pre-Reformation composers England produced.

Volume XX: Briefly describes the Taverners of Devon from 1210 to 1675.

Volume XXI: Is a volume written by their ancestors by D and J Vesey. ST: omitted for copyright reasons.

Volume XXII: Describes another well-known Taverner – Richard who lived from 1505-1575 and eventually became High Sheriff of Oxfordshire.

Volume XXIII: Index of sources.

Volume XXIV: Index of wills parts 1 through 8:

Pre-1500 1500-1600 1601-1650 1651-1699
1700-1800 1801-1900 1901-1999 List

Volume XXVII: The Taverners of Brisley.

Volume XXVIII: The Taverners of North Elmham.

Volume XXIX: The Taverners of Canada.

Volume XXXa: The Taverners of Bristol
Volume XXXb: The Mayor of Bristol by Joan Page

The following documents are from dad’s uncollated notes. I have tried to omit anything that is included in the ‘official’ volumes above, but inevitably some duplicates will have crept through:

The Early Taverners of Essex: “Over a period of 10 years, I have pieced together a partial history of the Taverners of Essex”

Hexton Taverners: The history of the Taverners of Hexton

Family Bible (William Taverner)

Silvester Taverner

Connections: Thomas Cromwell to Robert E. Lee

Taverners Volume I – Draft: (ST: I think this is the original draft of The Taverners volume 1)

Stories from the Diaries: Gloucester

Some miscellaneous notes

Taverner’s Tales: Some family history inspired poems by John Tavener

The Taverners pre-1300: “What do the meagre records of the Taverners pre-1300 tell about us?”

Taverners in 6 Areas pre-1600:
Area 1: Scotland and Northern England
Area 2: East Midlands
Area 3: East England
Area 4: France and South East
Area 5: South West
Area 6: Wales and West Midlands


Links to other taverner family tree resources will follow as I find them.

Contact: Stephen Tavener email: mrraow at gmail