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(Last update: 19th September 2019)
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AiAi is a Java-based general game playing engine based on Mogal (a GGP designed and developed by Stephen Tavener and Cameron Browne).   Games can be hand-coded in Java (for efficiency), or assembled from blocks using a scripting language based on JSON. .

As of 24th January 2019, Ai Ai also supports turn-based online play.

You’ll find a little more on Ai Ai here:

How Ai Ai Got its Name
Adding games to Ai Ai in Java (and compatible languages)
Ai Ai Developer’s Guide #1: MGL


AiAi allows you to play games against a variety of AIs, mostly variations of MCTS (Monte Carlo tree search).  It also contains analysis tools for game authoring; though these are more for my benefit than anyone else’s at present.

AiAi is still very much in a state of flux, and rather lacking in documentation at present but I will link documentation here as I write it.  Questions and comments welcome, and may well encourage me to write more!

I have added some threads to BGG for announcements, suggestions, and bug reports:

Announcements – subscribe to this thread to be notified when I update Ai Ai
Suggestions – any suggestions for improvements/new features should go here
Bug Reports – find a bug? Report it here. I will probably ask you for a save game file if it is a problem with a specific game.
FAQ – living FAQ; I will update the top post with questions and answers.

The latest version of AiAi will always be available here:
Ai Ai Download Page

Currently adding the Combinatorial Game Awards of 2018 at a rapid rate of knots! Latest MBRane, before that; Looper, Hermetica(first pass), Boom&Zoom.

BGG user SPaten is currently in the process of creating a list over on BGG of the games Ai Ai supports:
Games in Stephen Tavener’s AiAi Program

11 thoughts on “Ai Ai Home Page”

  1. Hi Stephen,
    I wish I could wait to try out AiAi before commenting, but going by the screenshot of NestorGames, this may be what I have been looking for (Java-based platform) to use as my development platform for an edge-matching puzzle whose pieces are dynamically created from a mathematical set of, well, anything.
    Will let you know if it helps and if it doesn’t why not.
    PS I found you on the Game Puzzle & Design website via my association with Kate Jones of Kadon Enterprises.

  2. Thanks very much! But John Conway did not invent Hex. You might have meant to say John Nash, but it is not clear that he discovered it independently from Piet Hein after all.

  3. Hi

    This is great and I just downloaded but I have a quick question.

    When I go to “Choose game” in the software the list of games does not include everything in the list above – am I missing something?


    1. Andrew, as the number of games increases, it gets harder to organise them! From “Choose game”, have a look in the subfolders; you can also find games through the Categories menu.

  4. Fantastic, thank you 🙂

    Out of curiosity (no problem either way) when placing a stone in take do you always need to select the type from the drop down? Just checking in case I’m missing anything! 🙂

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